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Off-Beat Trip To Andaman

If you’re looking for an offbeat trip to Andaman, there are plenty of unique and lesser-known places to explore on the islands. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Diglipur: Located in the northern part of Andaman, Diglipur is a lesser-known destination with pristine beaches, waterfalls, and lush green forests. It’s a great place for nature lovers and adventure seekers, with activities like trekking, hiking, and snorkeling available.

  2. Baratang Island: This island is known for its unique limestone caves and mud volcanoes, which are a rare geological phenomenon. The journey to Baratang involves a thrilling boat ride through the mangrove forests, making it a memorable experience.

  3. Little Andaman Island: This secluded island is perfect for those looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway. It’s less developed than the other islands and has some beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and forests to explore.

  4. Ross Island: This former British administrative center is now a deserted island with ruins and remnants of its colonial past. It’s a fascinating place to visit and offers stunning views of the surrounding sea.

  5. Rutland Island: This island is home to a marine national park and is an excellent place for snorkeling and diving. It’s also a birdwatcher’s paradise, with many endemic and migratory bird species found here.

These are just a few examples of the offbeat places you can visit in Andaman. There are many more hidden gems waiting to be explored, so be sure to do your research and plan your trip accordingly.

However, there are options for visitors to view the island from a safe distance. Scuba diving and snorkeling trips are organized from nearby Havelock and Port Blair, which take visitors close to the island’s waters to observe the underwater volcanic activity and marine life.

It’s important to note that Barren Island is a protected area, and visitors must follow all rules and regulations set by the authorities to ensure the conservation of the island’s unique ecosystem. Visitors are also required to obtain the necessary permits and permissions before planning a trip to Barren Island.

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